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Denmatt Enterprises is an Australian, independent, service-driven supplier in the aluminium products and stainless woven mesh distribution market.

We supply aluminium products and stainless woven mesh to a wide range of industries including industrial and commercial manufacturers, transportable building and coolroom manufacturers, transport industries, security fabricators, road sign industries, marine boat builders and many more.

Our staff has more than 20 years experience in the aluminium and stainless mesh industry and obtains the support from local manufacturing distributors as well as Australian and overseas extrusion plants and rolling mills.

Denmatt Enterprises operates its business using a number of different distribution warehouses and extrusion plants both in Australia and overseas. This allows us to provide a wider range of products at a very competitive price.

Denmatt Enterprises prides itself on its ability to work with its customers in understanding their business needs and requirements.

Denmatt Enterprises product range consists of standard aluminium products, geometric shapes, customer exclusive extrusions, sheets and plates, treadplates and stainless mesh.

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